Turn your best sales strategies into action.

A visual way to build, run, and scale data-driven playbooks.
For everyone on the go-to-market team.


B2B go-to-market (GTM) is full of friction. 

Siloed information and lack of coordination constrain revenue teams from reaching their full potential.

Lack of adoption of proven methodologies and difficulty in tracking key metrics hinder leaders from bringing to life best practices.
Slow Pace of Innovation
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all playbook. Yet, new ones are difficult to roll out and put into motion.
Low Sales Productivity
Sales teams waste time searching for assets, coordinating actions, and collecting data instead of engaging customers.

A GTM automation platform

that makes easy for teams to create and automate dynamic playbooks for any growth motion.


Achieve customer-focused alignment across teams

With a visual board of actions, assets, and metrics, it has never been easier for teams to coordinate in real-time and drive towards successful outcomes.


Understand and repeat what works.

Remove the guesswork on what actions and plays produce results. With Playbuilt, you can easily connect the dots on what works for repeatable growth.


Bring new growth strategies to life faster.

Go from idea to action in hours, not months. Playbuilt significantly reduces the time it takes to build, launch, and run a play. Launch experiments effortlessly and iterate with automatic versioning and play lifecycle management. 


Win more deals with highly tailored plays

Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all plays that don’t convert.  Organize a library of embedded plays aligned to a common methodology, then give teams members the ability to modify them to best fit the region, product or market segment.

How it works

With Playbuilt, everything is right in front of you – not spread across unorganized documents, spreadsheets and calendars.

Playbuilt app screenshot

Start with a template or build yours from scratch.

Easily create tasks and assign roles by simply dragging and dropping cards on a page. And voila – visualize and share your go-to-market plan in a single view, not in a confusing 20-page guide.

Playbuilt app screenshot

Now, launch with confidence

Most go-to-market initiatives never see the light of day. Playbuilt encourages getting plays off the ground faster with a clear process, content checklist, and enablement and quality controls built-in.

Playbuilt app screenshot

Execute with play intelligence

With your play live, quickly get metrics to know what next best action to take, what assets to use, how to best manage your time, and who to collaborate with.

Playbuilt app screenshot

Make decisions and ship better outcomes with ease.

Track and monitor performance with built-in dashboards on key metrics like pipeline health, play duration, early and late stage conversion, and win rate.

For every team that drives growth, there is Playbuilt.

Get inspired. Use pre-built templates created by other go-to-market pros or build a playbook from scratch in less that an hour that your team will be proud of.

If you are launching A new…

Enterprise Strategy

Tap into new markets and close larger, more strategic deals with higher land and expand potential.

Vertical Strategy

Refactor team selling motions to gain traction in specific industry verticals.

Product or Experiment

Launch new product and growth experiments to unlock new revenue streams.

Sales Methodology

Mobilize and enable existing revenue teams with new sales methodologies.

PLG or PLS Play

Launch product-led growth and sales plays for monetizing users of your SaaS product.

ABM or ABS Play

Leverage new account-based marketing and sales plays to drive growth in target accounts.